Hydro Jet Sewer and Drain Cleaning.Hydro-Jetting Detroit MI Sewer and Drain Lines

Harness the power of water pressure to restore your pipes.  Fix Sewer Line Problems Without Digging on Your Property.

If you are are experiencing sewer line blockages, water backing up through your drains, or reduced water flow, you don’t have to damage your property to fix it. If you live in Detroit then you can enjoy trenchless sewer repairs with The Plumbing, Sewer and Drain Repair Doctors. Blockages, clogs, and reduced waste water drainage can all be fixed without digging up your yards and ripping down your walls. Trenchless hydro­jetting sewer and drain line repairs cleans your drains from inside of the pipe, so there’s no need for major excavations.

What is Hydro-Jetting?

Hydro­jetting is a trenchless sewer repair technique that utilizes water pressure to effectively scour the insides of a sewer pipe. A special head is fitted to a water hose and then introduced to a sewer line via a small access point or a drain on your property. The head sprays water at a very high pressure while being lead through the sewer line. There are many different hose heads for different jobs and your technician will know exactly which to choose to repair the sewer or drain line problem affecting your line.

Sewer Camera Inspection

In order to safely, and unobtrusively, pinpoint the problem area of the sewer pipe, a sewer camera inspection will most likely be necessary. A sewer camera inspection by The Plumbing, Sewer and Drain Repair Doctors will make hydro­jetting your pipes much more efficient. The inspection is done by a technician who will insert a small camera attached to a long fiber optic cable to the pipe via a drain like a sink or toilet on your sewer line. The camera will send back images of the pipeline and record the distance it travels letting you see exactly where the clog or blockage is.

Blast Away Blockages and Restore Your Pipe’s Flow Capacity

Hydro­jetting by The Plumbing, Sewer and Drain Repair Doctors is the best way to clean out problem pipes on your property in Detroit, MI. After a camera inspection, problem areas of the sewer line can be hydro-jetted away for long term results. The high pressure water jets from the head of the hydro­jetting hose will dislodge grease or mineral deposits from the walls of your pipe. Without these deposits, your pipes will be as good as new with restored flow capacity. As well, hydro­jetting can cut away invading tree roots, clogs, or blockages in the line, stopping recurring drain flooding.

When Should You Clear Your Pipes With Hydro-Jetting?

If you periodically experience waste water backing up out of your pipes, hear gurgling from the drains, toilets or sinks on your property, or notice slow water flow down your drains, hydro-jetting might be necessary to clear a blockage. Water can settle behind blockages or struggle to pass large build ups of grease or minerals like calcium and can flow backwards on to your property. Routine clearing of your commercial or residential property’s sewer lines with hydro­ jetting will reduce the likelihood of costly and devastating floods and increase the lifetime of your pipes.

Is Hydro-Jetting Safe?

Hydro­jetting is a safe alternative to abrasive rotary cutters and harsh chemicals that can harm the environment. The hydro­jet will be propelled through the inside of the pipe by water pressure alone, which means no major digging or any property destruction is required for clearing a sewer line. Other methods of clearing a pipeline cannot do as good a job as hydro­jetting for restoring a pipeline back to its former capacity as they can lack the same sheer power of the water pressure used.

Pipelines that have major structural damage in them are not recommended to be hydro­jetted. If after a sewer camera inspection, your technician finds that the pipe is crushed, has major cracks or has been shifted in the ground, trenchless pipe replacement methods may be necessary to repair the line.

Who Fixes Sewer and Drain Lines by Hydro-Jetting in Detroit, MI?

The Plumbing, Sewer and Drain Repair Doctors are your Detroit, MI sewer and drain specialists.  Our highly trained technicians are well versed in residential and commercial plumbing systems and will be able to efficiently hydro-jet your sewer or drain lines on your Detroit property.