Lateral Launch Sewer Inspections

Do you need to have a thorough inspection of the main lines and lateral lines running to and from your building or even an entire neighborhood?  Lateral Launch Inspection technology allows us to crawl the main sewer line while launching individual inspection cameras into the lateral lines.  This method allows for extremely accurate and detailed surveying of your sewer system without having to cause any ground disturbances and without having to acquire permission to enter private property for access.  Lateral Launch Inspections can be completed from a single access point such as a manhole or other type of sewer access.

The Plumbing, Sewer and Drain Repair Doctors are sewer and drain contractors serving the Detroit, MI area.  We specialize in lateral launch inspection technology and completing detailed inspections for commercial property owners, municipalities and townships, industrial facilities and more.  If you have an extensive and complex sewer and drain system that needs to be inspected and cleaned then our skilled technicians and hi-tech equipment will be able to complete the job for less money and faster than traditional inspection methods.

Lateral Launch Pipeline Inspections in Detroit, MI

  • Sewer Main and Lateral Inspections 3″ – 48″ in diameter.
  • Sewer Main and Lateral Mapping Services
  • Cleaning Lateral Sewer Lines
  • Lateral Line Inspections
  • Lateral Inspections Before and After Construction Projects
  • Lateral Inspections After Ground Disturbances.

How Do Lateral Launch Inspections Work?

Our lateral launch inspection equipment can crawl down your sewer mainlines that are 6″ in diameter and larger.  Once inside the sewer main the robot can launch a secondary inspection camera up to 100′ into the lateral lines.  The color camera relays an HD image back to our crew and shows them the condition of the pipe lines.  The camera has pan and tilt functionality along with special LED illumination to remove shadows makes it very easy to see the interior walls of your pipe and inspect them closely.

Lateral launch inspections make short work of the inspecting and mapping out large or complex sewer and drain systems.  If you’ve found this page you have a very particular need when it comes to sewer and drain service.  By putting your trust in The Plumbing, Sewer and Drain Repair Doctors you are partnering with the expert in everything to do with sewer systems at the residential, commercial and municipal level.  Our well trained technicians will be able to quickly use our lateral launch inspection equipment to give you a detailed analysis and mapping of your main and lateral sewer or drain lines.